Course Overview

The skills of motivating people in the workplace are one of the most important leadership skills required by a manager.  This course provides motivational concepts and practical skills to the participants enabling them to develop the effective techniques of motivating people for higher performance

Course aims

To aim of this course is to enable participants to effectively motivate staff to perform and for managers to understand how different techniques can be applied to different people and situations..


  • Learn to apply effective methods of staff motivation
  • Learn about different theories of motivation and how these can be applied
  • Develop plans for more effective team motivation including making allowances for different personality types
  • Identify specific challenges of workplace motivation and learn how to address them

Course content

  • Definition of motivation
  • Basic principles of motivation
  • The managers tasks – ways you can motivate the team
  • Theories of motivation – Maslow, Herzberg and McClelland
  • Recognising achievement as a motivating factor

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