Strengths Deployment Inventory

Relationship Awareness Using SDI® to build and maintain high performing, harmonious teams

Strengths Deployment Inventory®

What is SDI®?

SDI® is based on Relationship Awareness Theory and is a tool that enables individuals to increase their self-awareness and the awareness of others in how they relate to each other by effectively understanding the motives behind.

The theory (and psychometric test) has been developed from over 30year’s research by psychologist, clinical therapists, educator and author Elias H Porter in Relationship Awareness Theory.

How will it help me/my organisation?

The power of SDI® is how quickly and easily it gets people connecting and really talking to each other. SDI® provides an insight into what makes people tick. It is a powerful way of looking at human relationships that helps build communication, trust, empathy and effective productive relationships. Plus it opens up a host of opportunities to increase self-awareness, self-esteem and self-confidence

How does it work?

SDI® is quick and easy, you complete the questionnaire by answering specific questions that look at the following situations:


  • Where things are going well and you feel good about yourself
  • Where things are going wrong and your are in conflict with others

It is based around 3 key colours RED, BLUE and GREEN which when blended represents 7 key Motivational Value Systems (MVS). Relationship awareness describes them in terms of positive strivings for self-worth by adults in relationships.

How can it be used?

This powerful inventory can be used in a whole range of context from one to one coaching, leadership, team development, conflict management and improving communication.

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