Course Overview

This course looks at the makeup of a team and how you as a manager can influence the performance.  The key to a successful team is knowing your team and this course gives you a model which you can use to learn about the makeup of an effective team.

Course Aims

The aim of this course is to enable participants to understand what makes your team member tick and how to get the best out of them.  To gain an understanding of Belbin’s Theory to underpin your knowledge of your team.


  • To identify the difference between a group and a team
  • To manage the team effectively with agreed objectives and common goals
  • Understand the benefits of equality and diversity among a team
  • To demonstrate the four stages of team development
  • To describe barriers to effective teamwork and how to overcome them

Course content

  • Definition of group v teams
  • Belbin’s theory of teamwork
  • Principles of teamwork
  • Characteristics of effective teams
  • Stages of team development (Tuckman Theory)
  • Barriers to effective teamwork

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